Tehilim – Psalms

Tehilim – Psalms – have a unique place in Jewish tradition. Many of them are an integral part in our prayers. The following essays explore the meaning of individual Tehilim and their place in our prayers.

Tehilim 27 is recited all of the month of Elul and during the first three weeks of the month of Tishray. The following essay offers a detailed explanation of the Tehilah and why it is added to our prayers during these months.

Psalm 27 – LeDavid HaShem Ori

There is something very unique how the editors of the Siddur (Jewish prayer book) incorporated Tehilim into the prayers. I have a very unique hypothesis regarding one aspect of this phenomenon. Here are two essays that describe the hypothesis and give very concrete examples of what I have in mind. Well worth the reading!

A Modest Proposal Regarding the Interface between Tehilim & the Siddur

Interface between Tehilim & the Siddur – Part 2 – Kedushah


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