5 – Devarim – Deuteronomy

Essays on Sefer Devarim – Deuteronomy – according to the Parshi’yot HaShavu’a – the weekly Torah readings:




Adonai Elohim — Merciful in Judgment: The Explication of a Strange Phrase in Devarim 3:24

Two Short Chassidic thoughts on Parashat Va’Etchanan

Rav Soloveitchik Says, “Pray!”


 Why Do We Eat?


On Spiritual Potential and Moshe Rabbenu

Your Soul’s Desire

Observe This Entire Mitzvah – Parashat Re’eh

The Idea of Free Choice


 Be “Whole” with God – Tamim Tehyeh Im HaShem Elokecha

Judges & Policemen – Shoftim VeShotrim

Ki Taytzay

A Mitzvah to Remember

Here is an essay I wrote in college. It has passed the test of time. Enjoy!

Yavneh Studies Parashat Ki Tetze

Here is the latest Dvar Torah for Parashat Ki Taytzay that is also appropriate for the month of Elul.

The Rebellious Son: A Different Approach 

Ki Tavo

Bikkurim Lead to Prayer

Short and Sweet Divray Torah for Ki Tavo


Peace, Peace to the Far and to the Near





Zot HaBeracha



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