2 – Shemot – Exodus

Essays on Sefer Shemot – The Book of Exodus

The thrilling drama continues as Jacob and his family descend to Egypt. The Sefer Shemot (Exodus) describes the slavery, the exodus from Egypt and the giving of the Torah and much more!


Cracking the Code

The Midwives – The First Heroes in Sefer Shemot

God Knows!

It Was on the Way, in a Hotel: A Strange Episode Explained

And here is a special essay that details the meanings of the various names of God. This information is veryh significant for understand the use of God’s names throughout Sefer Shemot and the rest of the Torah

The Names of God


Did God Take Away Pharaoh’s Free Will?

Torah Reading and Time

An Exercise in Learning Torah


Revealing the Holy Essence of the People of Israel

From the Aish Kodesh on Parashat Bo

Did God Lie?

“This Month Shall Be for You” – A Sochachov Dvar Torah


Shir HaShirim on Shabbat Shira

Just Follow Nachshon into the Sea

Shirah – Song

The Origins of the Phrase “Kri’at Yam Suf”

God Will Reign Forever – Team Teaching Parashat BeShalach


Moshe Goes to Heaven to Get the Torah

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

The Morning After at Sinai

And a final essay that is very special. This annotated translation speaks of the deepest meaning to observing the Torah:

Raising the Holy Sparks by Rav Kook


Torah from Sinai

“Accepting the Yoke of the Sovereignty of Heaven”

Words of Hope

Strengthening the Connection between God and Israel


When a Part Reveals the Truth about the Whole

“They Shall Make Me Sanctuary and I Will Dwell in Their Midst”

“All of You, Make for Me a Mishkan”


“Please Erase Me from Your Book”

A Lesson in Unity: The Names of the Tribes on the Priestly Garments

Ki Tisa

What Was the Purpose of the First Set of Luchot?

Playing Peek-A-Boo with God

VaYakhel – Pekuday

Backwards and Forwards in Time

Why Parashat “Pekuday”?

Pekuday – Rainbow at Ein Bokek



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