1 – Berayshit – Genesis

For many of us, Sefer Berayshit – Genesis – is our favorite part of the Chumash (Five Books of Moses), and rightly so. The episodes are filled with emotion and wisdom and are most intriguing. Here is the list of weekly Torah readings with a number of essays and Divray Torah for each:


Peshat: Is There Science in the Creation Story?

Let Us Make Man: God Chooses Partners in Creating Man

The Sin of Adam & Eve: Understanding Rashi’s Comments


That Woodpecker Has to Go! – A Cartoon & Mussar

Spiritual Undercurrents in the Generation of the Flood and the Generation of the Tower of Babel 

No’ach & the Birds: Alternative Explanations

Man’s Connection to the Land & the Jew’s Connection to Eretz Yisrael

Torah for the Generation of the Flood

A Hilulah for Reb Yisra’el Friedman of Ruzhin

Welcome to “Tayvat No’ach”

Short & Sweet Divray Torah for Parashat No’ach

Lech Lecha

Where Was Avraham When God said, “Lech Lecha May’artzecha  – Go from Your Land”?

The True Function of the Senses

Peshat and Derash in Parashat Lech Lecha

Why Didn’t Pharaoh Kill Them?

Insights from the Shem MiShmu’el 

How Eight Becomes Ten in Circumcision


Explaining a Difficult Episode with One Stroke of the Pen

Brit Milah and Preparing for Prophecy

Bringing the Parasha Home

A Lot About Lot

Connecting the Dots between Brit Milah and the Destruction of Sodom

The Resurrection Motif in the Midrash on the Akedat Yitzchak

Chayay Sarah

The Life and Death of Our Mother Sarah

The Avot Established Jewish Prayer and Then Some

Just Like Sarah


Parashat Toldot – An Essay by Rav Kook


Rachel and Leah: The Revealed World and the Hidden World

From the Pe’er Yisra’el on Parashat VaYaytzay

Two Models of Prayer

A Duet of Divray Torah from Reb Shlomo Cha’yim of Sadigorah

Leah’s Eyes Were Tender


Ya’akov and Yisra’el – The Change of Name


Yosef and Potifar’s Wife: Repairing the Sin of Dina

Chanukah & Yosef

The Roller-coaster of Life


Why Didn’t Yosef Phone Home?


Instead of Crying, He said the Shema

Our Wily Forefather

His Soul Was Tied to His Soul

Yosef and Yehuda


Understanding Ya’akov’s Years in Egypt

Calling Out to God

Every Act Has an Impact

The Importance of Blessed Is the Name of the Glory

Ya’akov Prepares for the Exile

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