Where did the Torah come from? Who are the prophetic authors of the books of Tanach? What is Torah SheBa’al Peh and how did it develop? These and other related issues are presented in this section.

Here are two items that relate to the history of Torah scholarship.

The first is a ten-page booklet with 4 charts: (1) Who were the prophetic authors of the books of the Bible? (2) What are the different genre of the books of Torah SheBa’al Peh – the Oral Law? (3) The names of the books of the Mishnah and a description of their contents (4) Who were the major sages during the Talmudic period?

Torah Charts Booklet

The second is a large chart that lists the major Rabbibic sages from after the Talmud to today. Each person’s name is numbered and their works are categorized by Halacha, Biblical & Talmudic Commentaries and Philosophy, Ethics & Mysticism. The charts features the titles of their works and a short description of each. Two indices (Names & Books) appear at the end, allowing you to find someone or some book that you are looking for. This is well worth downloading into your computer and printing.

History of Post-Talmudic Rabbinic Literature

Then there are essays about Torah. Their titles speak for themselves:

Torah from Sinai

The Spirituality of Learning Torah

And here are two posters (A-4 size) that you might find interesting:

What Is Learning Torah? A Poster

Yeshayahu 41:16 – A Poster


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