Pesach – Passover

THERE is so much of interest and significance to discuss about Pesach! This major holiday signals the birth of the Jewish people and the triumph of freedom over slavery.

LET the children help you prepare for Pesach! Here is a 14 page pdf file with really cute coloring pages. Use them to decorate the room where the Seder will take place or let your kids use them as the basis for creating their own Haggadah.

Kadesh-Urchatz Coloring Pages

And here is another pdf file with illustrations for decorating the Seder room or for the table. The idea is to fold each sheet of paper in half.

Kadesh-Urchatz in Pictures

THE Pesach Seder begins with questions. Indeed, all of Torah study is based on asking questions and answering them. In that spirit, here is a booklet of “Questions and Food for Thought” on the entire Haggadah. There are easy questions and harder ones. From all your previous study and Seder experience, you will be able to answer many of them. Others will require a bit of “digging” on your part. Nevertheless, this is an excellent tool for keeping all those at you Seder involved. And, the hope is that the questions of the “Food for Thought” will generate many interesting discussions. Enjoy! Here is the link:

Questions and Food for Thought on the Haggadah – Large format

Here are Divray Torah for Pesach:

Short Divray Torah from Reb Menachem Mendel of Riminov on the Haggadah

Why the Children Steal the Afikoman – 5774

Freedom of Speech – Shlomo of Radomsk – 5770

Short Gems from the Sefat Emet – 5768

Haggadah Insights by Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Chaver

Double Dipping at the Seder – 5770

The Wicked Son

The Wicked Son – Round Two

Bayt Aharon on Dayaynu

Is Maror Poisonous – 5773

Short Divray Torah for the Pesach Haggadah – 5770

Insights from Rav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook on the Pesach Haggadah – 5771

Modzitz Divray Torah for the Haggadah 5772

“Reb Aharon Teaches the Secrets of the Haggadah” is a chapter from my yet-to-be-released book which presents authentic Chassidic Torah in a fictional framework. This chapter contains many very deep insights into the Haggadah as well as an interesting look into shtetl life.

Reb Aharon Teaches the Secrets of the Haggadah

Here is my personal selection of my favorite Haggadah Divray Torah:

David’s Private Collection – 5776

When our family made Aliyah to Israel, we realized that God had fulfilled His promise to bring us to the Land of Israel. Therefore, we comply with the statement in the Mishnah to expound on the entire Torah section that describes the Exodus and the coming to Eretz Yisra’el. Here is what we add to the Haggadah:

Adding the Fifth Verse – Coming to Israel

Lots of interesting things go on at the Seder. Here are some . . .

Pesach Curiosities