Chanukah – The Festival of Light

The sheer beauty of the Chanukah lights can be overwhelming. What a simple, but phenomenally meaningful holiday!

Elchanan Lights Chanukah Candles

My grandson, Elchanan, lights Chanukah candles

Here are the links to a wide variety of Chanukah essays and Divray Torah. Here is this year’s Chanukah essay:

Chanukah: The Inner Working of the Clock

And now for something totally different. The following is a presentation of deeper, Chassidic interpretations of the halachic (legal) Talmudic statements regarding Chanukah.

Chassidic Interpretations of the Laws of Chanukah

More Chassidic Torah

Divray Torah for Chanukah from the Netivot Shalom

Chanukah Divray Torah from the Rebbe of Sochatshov

Jewish Wisdom vs. Greek Wisdom on Chanukah

They Defiled All the Oils

And more . . .

Us vs. the Greeks

Fire or Light

For All the World to See