Strategies & Tactics in Prayer

Strategies and Tactics for Improving the Experience of Prayer

The title pretty much says it all. There is a tremendous need to improve the way we experience prayer. For so many of us, prayer – whether recited alone or in a synagogue – is only a rote exercise devoid of any feeling of spiritual upliftment.

These two compilations listed below (pdf files) come to answer this need. The first pdf marked “Essays” is a collection of essays that delve into the theory of actualizing the spiritual potential of prayer. What are the spiritual goals of prayer? These essays deal with this question and the ones associated with it.

The second pdf marked “Sources” is a 75-page collection of sources beginning with the Talmud all the way to our times. Each source is presented in Hebrew and in English (unless there is no Hebrew original). The sources are primarily but not limited to Halacha. Each source is presented with questions and comments that will guide the reader to transform the information into a tactical “tool” that can be used for actually improving the spiritual experience of prayer.

“Strategies & Tactics” is based on a course that I taught for many years. The tactics actually work if a person is willing to learn how to adapt them and to practice using them.

Teachers: This material is certainly recommended for use with high school students and of course with adults.

Here are the links:

Strategies and Tactics 1 – Essays

Strategies and Tactics 2 – Sources

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