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For over 40 years I have taught Torah. During that time, I have accumulated a wide variety of teaching aids and materials. In fact, a great many of the essays on this site are the result of or preparation for teaching. On this page you will find links that are particularly appropriate for teaching.

Torah Charts Booklet contains the following charts: (1) Who Wrote the Books of Tanach?; (2) The Books of Torah SheBa’al Peh (description & definition of genre); (3) THe Books of the Mishnah; and (4) History of Rabbinic Literature – Talmud Period (lists of major Tana’im & Amora’im by period)

History of Post-Talmudic Rabbinic Literature is in a sense the continuation of the previous item. This booklet of 39 pages contains a chronological chart of 196 Torah personalities listing their contributions to Halacha, to Biblical & Talumudic commentary and to Jewish philosophy, mysticism & ethics. The names of their works are listed along with a short description. There is also a complete index of names followed by an index of books. A great resource for budding scholars.

Another item that might interest you as a teacher is the Ahavat Yisrael Booklet. It contains an extended essay of the subject of “I Am My Brother’s Keeper! A discussion of social responsibility,” which is the suggested content to be taught. Then there is a set of source sheets followed by a short teaching guide. If you are interested in receiving the source sheets as Word files that you can edit, please contact me.

The subject of prayer is always in the forefront of our concerns. The following two links are to a collection of essays and then to annotated sources on the subject of improving the “experience” of prayer. The essays present to theory and the anthology of sources (in Hebrew & English) present a wide variety of tools to choose from to make the experience of prayer more meaningful, more God-directed and more Ruchani.

Strategies and Tactics 1 – Essays

Strategies and Tactics 2 – Sources

This material was taught numerous times on the post-high school level to great effect. It can certainly be taught on the high school level as well.

The next two items are inter-related. The first appears in the form or a letter. It is a presentation of my ideas regarding Jewish experiential education. The importance of this subject cannot be understated. This essay deals with the theory and the issue of how to educate teachers in this vital area.

What Is Jewish Experiential Education? A Letter

The next essay is an application of the ideas presented in the above essay. The very beginning of this document presents a summary of the important ideas contained in “What Is Jewish Experiential Education?” However the rest of the essay is a suggested retreat program design. Many interesting ideas are presented and many of these programmatic elements can easily be incorporated into your programs.

A Ruchani’yut Laboratory – A Suggested Yeshiva High School Retreat Program

Stay tuned to this channel because over time there will be more. If you have comments or criticisms please contact me. Thanks.


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